The Refined Rug by David Rejebian


Your premium source for luxury rug expertise and services.


David Rejebian presents - The Refined Rug. Building on three generations of oriental rug enterprise to assist with all your finer rug needs. Since 1934, the Rejebian family has served as an authority on rug education, care and sourcing.


In Spring of 2018, David hung his retail hat to focus on helping clients more directly.  Appraisals, sourcing, history, expert opinion, cleaning and more.



The rug grows slowly on the loom.
Its design, unwritten, has gathered itself in the mind of one
Who has long looked out upon the land
And seen its ever-changing colors and patterns.

- Barbara J. Warren

Persian & Oriental Rug Appraisal


What is your rug worth? Its history? We offer premium rug appraisal services - Persian and Oriental, as well as any other type of rug or carpet. Estate, insurance, and resale purposes.

Rug Cleaning


Supervision of a true soap and water wash followed by a thorough rinsing and drying process. We also offer an enzyme wash for those rugs the family pet had an accident on.

Finding Your Perfect Rug


For nearly 100 years, Rejebians have been sourcing rugs, worldwide. We will find your rug, savings you might not find on your own and you'll know exactly what you're getting!



Have you found a rug you are considering buying? Would you like to know if it is worth the asking price?  If it is what it is supposed to be? We can help advise you.

Rug Restoration & Repair


Fine rugs are woven meticulously with particular materials. Using experts well versed in restoration, David will supervise the repair of your rug to retain its integrity, beauty, and value.

Advisement & Speaking Engagements


David loves to talk about rugs... and has for over forty years. History, types, qualities... if your group is interested, we'd love to come speak. Personal or professional groups welcome!





Oriental Rug Retailers of America


This rug education association was co-founded by David's father Myron in 1969!



"I have known David Rejebian for nearly 50 years, and no one in Dallas knows more about Oriental Rugs than David does. And there is no one I trust more when it comes buying rugs. David's knowledge and honesty is beyond reproach. And...he is a really nice guy!"

- Sally Smith Mashburn